Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Welcome To Another Blog I'll Never Use

Don't ask me why I keep creating blogs I have no intention of using. I honestly don't know. I've theorised that I may be attempting to leave clues as to some great secret for future generations to attempt to peice together but this theory doesn't stand up to scrutiny for two very important reasons. 1) I'm not doing that thing I just said I was doing and 2) I don't know any great secrets that anyone of this generation would care to know, nevermind future generations.

So anyway, another day another blog. I suppos e I really should update the proper blog with my thoughts on the new brand of faux-lesbian songs that are coming directly from the mouth and brain of Katy Perry. Or Berry. Or something of that ilk. After all it's what my audience will be expecting of me. On the other hand I can go and do something constructive. Like form an opinion on Katy Petty which I will later espouse to anyone willing to listen to my witterings. Which considering you've got this far into my this blog which has absolutely no content might well be you. You'll probably flock around me like something out of the bible or something waiting for me to dispense wisdom. Isn't it weird how bible sounds like libel and that the word libel means lying in print. Yes? No? Who cares?

So anyway bye for now. I'm off to do that thing that I said I was going to do. Seeya.